Our strong operational network, the international reach and experience of the banks that support us and the locally based agents we are engaged with allow us to realise opportunities in refined metals globally, including base, industrial and precious metals, in accordance with our risk appetite.


Zopco trades aluminium primarily in the European market, purchasing from producers or traders and selling to end-users.

In addition we look to capture regional arbitrage opportunities as and when these arise – our flexibility and reactiveness allows us to maximise such opportunities and these complement the distribution business well.

Aluminium will continue to be an integral part of the business in the years ahead.


The world’s chrome reserves are believed to be in excess of 12 billion tons, of which 95% are found in Southern Africa and Kazakhstan, with an estimated 70% in South Africa. Chrome is mined from UG2, LG and MG chromite seams. These UG2 seams also contain PGM’s as several platinum mines produce chromite as a by-product. There are however several primary chromite mines that provide chromite feed to the global ferrochrome industry. Chrome is used in the production of stainless steel, which accounts for over 60% of chrome usage today. Stainless steel is used extensively in kitchenware, architecture, leather tanning, aerospace and ship building. Zopco offers a full mine-to-consumer solution for all grades of chrome ore from Southern Africa.


Zopco has the trading experience and know how on the ground to source copper from geographically diverse global suppliers. The copper producing and trading industry has become more and more competitive, especially since the turn of the century, and we pride ourselves in our ability to be able to offer our clients a flexible, superior service in terms of financing and logistics.


Our tin trading operations are done primarily in South East Asia, South America and sub-Saharan Africa. We trade in tin concentrates as well as LME grade refined tin metal. Zopco connects regional tin concentrates suppliers to the global tin smelting community. By offering superior assistance in terms of production, logistics and finance, we are able to plug these suppliers into the global tin network which in turn benefits the local communities at the source. We make it our mission to ensure that the trading is done in a responsible manner. We work closely with ITRI (International Tin Research Institute) and are full members of the iTSCi programme (ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative).


Zopco markets LME grade nickel metal, as well as nickel concentrates, produced primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nickel is used both to strengthen other metals through plating as well as in the production of stainless steel. The global shift towards cleaner energy has seen the consumption of nickel increase due to its use in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries.

Our company has dedicated resources and positioned itself to be able to move quickly and efficiently to meet our client’s requirements, which we believe will be an increased demand for Nickel products for the foreseeable future.


Zinc is primarily used for galvanising steel and is also used in alloys such as brass and aluminum solder.

Zopco moves both the zinc concentrate and metal to market, either on behalf of our clients or after taking full ownership of the commodity.

Our relationships with producers, financial institutions, brokers, and logistics partners allow us to offer a full supply chain solution from source to consumers across the globe.